Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Been An Exciting Day, Hasn't It?

New hope, new president, new optimism. It snowed in Charlotte today, which is a rare occurrence and added to the day feeling like a grand holiday.

To top it all off I was strolling through blog land and came across One World One Heart. This is exciting stuff, people!!!

Lisa from a Whimsical Bohemian started this event a couple of years ago. It's one giant giveaway, but, more than that it's a way to meet and bond with bloggers from all over the world. I spent a couple of hours this evening visiting different folks, who I am certain I will be friends with in the future.

SO where do we begin???

Each blogger involved is having a giveaway, you can find a list of everyone here OWOH (There's more than 300 blogs --- lots and lots of great treats you can win.)

I am giving away one of my blinged out hand collaged Eiffel tower pendant necklaces.

For a chance to win my giveaway you need to leave me a comment on THIS post here. My giveaway is open to active bloggers only. I need to be able to contact the winner so make sure you give me an email address. The giveaway ends February 12th,2009 at 8:00 PM EST when I'll announce my winner chosen at random.

Also If you want to learn more about this event please click here OWOH.

Have fun and good luck!!!


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Milkberry said...

Lovely!!! I want it!!! And thanks for stopping by my blog! Good luck!!!


Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

Very nice bling! ;-) This is my first year in OWOH and it is so much fun. So many talented artists. Please enter me in your giveaway and visit my blog too!

ShellyRaeWood said...

Ah the affordable way to visit Paris!! ooh-la-la!! Thanks for sharing!! :::Smiles::: Shelly OWOH # 825

Francine Cronos said...

What a fabulous pendant. What a wonderful giveaway.

Roberta said...

Wow, great giveaway, count me in. Love your work, your pendants look great!

Take care,

A Beaded Affair said...

Wonderful prize. Please enter me in your drawing. Visit my blog at #795 if you can for some earrings.

KitKnitty said...

So cute! Thanks for the contest!

J and Z said...

how wonderful!! please count me in!!

jean (OWOH #889)


Nikki said...

I know the perfect place for this charm! Its wonderful!

Barbara Olivo Cagle said...

I would love to win your Eiffel Tower Pendant. I would love to win your prize. After this is all over I’m going to spend more time viewing every ones. Please stop at my site too. I’m giving away my new book and "16 x MOM: A Mastery of Motherhood. I will personally sign it.

Seasonal Whimsies by Susan V said...

Wonderful art piece love the colors too. please sign me up! Susan V.


Tumbleweed Trails said...

Great prize. Your pendant is lovely. Your other items in Etsy are great, also. Thank you for participating in the wonderful giveaway. Please enter my name into your drawing. It would be such a delight and honor to win. Jody

s hyler said...

What a wonderful giveaway. It is so nice to meet you during this event.
have a wonderful day,

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Please enter me in your give away and if you have not done so hop on over to my place and enter my giveaway.

Sugar and Spice Art Confections said...

Lovely! Paris in pink!
Please visit me at


jolt said...

what a beautiful necklace!
please enter me for a chance to win

KatCollects said...

This is beautiful, please add my name. Thank you

Just Jenn Designz said...

WOW! What an awesome necklace. I would love it if you would add my name into your fabulous giveaway drawing. Thanks,

Bejeweled said...

Oh how beautiful and classy! I would love a chance to win your beautiful Parisian necklace!

Have a beautiful day!

Joan Shanks said...

What a great giveaway.My e mail address is joanshanks@eastlink.ca>My blog address is www.joanshanks.blogspot.com


Michaele said...

The necklace is tres belle!


Peach Street ~ Jamie said...

So very pretty! Please sign me up! Come and visit with me, too. I'm #462 on the gypsy caravan!

Jamie ~ Savannah, Georgia (USA)

Estela said...

What a lovely giveaway! Please enter me!!


Kathy said...

I love it!!!! I want to win it!!!!!!

I would love to enter (and hopefully win) your drawing!
Please drop by my blogs if you get the chance:


Ellen said...

yes please I'd love to hang that round my neck

please count me in

my caravan nr is # 749

Chris in Oz said...


WOW, this is a wonderful event!!! I'm from Oz the Land Down-Under. It's very nice to 'meet' you. I'm in for my second year and I'm sure I'll be back for more. Oh, I'd love to be entered for your give-away and if you haven't dropped by my blog yet, then please do, I'm #838 in the Gypsy Caravan.


Cowgirltazz said...

Please enter me in your drawing. Great giveaway. If you haven't already, please come by mine at #857. Thanks.

Michelle said...

I love your blog! and thanks for offering such a fantastic giveaway!


Anonymous said...

I love your necklace. My daughter is moving to Paris in august and I would love to win so I can keep her and something French next to my heart.

Stephanie said...

What a great giveaway! Please enter me in your drawing.


#813 on the OWOH Caravan
isastephanie @ yahoo.com

KV said...

Awesome prize! Come visit my blog for a giveaway treat, too.

Kathy V in NM

nfmgirl said...

Nice! Please count me in. Thank you!

*Birgit* said...

What an elegant necklace -- I am sure everyone would ask me from where I got that! :)

Greetings from Munich,
# 756 on the caravan :)

Betty Boogie said...

I have always loved the eiffel tower. You know you can see copies of the blueprints for it online, I'm trying to remember where.... Please count me in. Also check mine out too #906.

Jen Anderson said...

Gorgeous necklace!

Marilyn said...

Oh so pretty! I would love to enter my name for a chance in your drawing...thank you very much:)

jamaise said...

I've only been in the Charles de Gaulle airport. It's not so much an airport as it is a city. I will go back oneday and do Paris proper. This necklase could be my motivatioal piece :))

jamaisew@gmail.com #873

maryharding said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and entering my OWOH giveaway. I am so pleased that you like my Thistle. Please enter me in your giveaway. Wonderful necklace.

Carol Stocker said...

I love the blinged out pendant, please enter me in your drawing...it's beautiful! Hugs, Carol

Becky said...

Your necklace is lovely! Please enter me into your giveaway.

Thanks so much!


Kimberly Hellams said...

I love your giveaway. Please include me in the drawing.


L'Hélène said...

Sweet! I hope I win! Thanks!

Mud Hound Primitives said...

What an awesome piece of art.. love your work Please count me in!!

Paula @ the Little Young House said...

Oh, oh, oh...this is BEAUTIFUL! And your blog is so lovely...the artwork, the music. I've so enjoyed my visit. And now I'm off to explore it a little more! Thank you so much for the chance to win this little treasure! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Please stop by my blog and sign up for my giveaway, as well. I'm #360 on the list.


Deirdra Doan said...

Oh so romantic!

Thank you for joining in and letting me see your blog.

I will be teaching for the first time at Art and Soul and Artfirberfest. This bloggy world is so much fun with Art every where. Throw my hat into the ring for your giveaway too. And please come see my Blog and my giveaway if you haven't already. January 19th post.

click here for me

My husband has a music giveaway too.
click here for my husband John Doan

Happy New Year and Artful Blessings.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your art is beautiful!
Such a fabulous give-a-way!
Anything handmade is a gift from the heart to treasure.

Please enter me to win:
Twinville2 @ yahoo dot com

New Mexico, USA

Prpldy said...

Please enter me into the draw. And visit me when you have time.

BrendaLea OWOH #754



Corinna Nitschmann said...

I go for it from Hungary. It1s a long time that I have been to Paris...

Best regards

Corinna with the felted vessels
PS.: Let me invite you to my gift at Nr.802.

Youvegotmaille said...

Too cute! Please add me and stop by my blog too :)

You've Got Maille

Lezlei Ann Young said...

I am still trying to make my way to all the blogs. Please enter me in your drawing.
My email: breathofart@aol.com

Don't forget to stop by and enter my giveaway! I am #208. www.breathofart.blogspot.com

Thanks! I'll be back!


Ginny said...

Oh so pretty, just gorgeous!

Artseyanne said...

Cool, please include me in your draw.

Paisley Girl said...

Hi, nice to "meet" you. I'd love to be entered into the drawing for your amazing giveaway. I'm off to pop around your blog a little more. Once again, lovely to "meet" you. :-)


Prpldy said...

Awesome pendant! Thanks for the lead on the tea too! I have fallen madly in love with that tea and I appreciate your help.

BrendaLea OWOH #754



Jackie said...

OMG! I love the necklace! Thanks so much for a wonderful giveaway!

The Paper Artist said...

You have a beautiful blog and a wonderful giveaway. Love your style.

I just started blogging and next year I’ll be joining the caravan.

http://thepaperartist.blogspot.com/ The_paper_artist@artlover.com

Margo :-) said...

What a wonderful giveaway!!
Thank you!! :-)


Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful! Come by and enter my giveaway, too.

Sandra Evertson

Art of Jana said...

Please enter me in your giveaway and if you haven't entered mine, please come on by!


(#905 - OWOH ) Jana

P.S. I'll be coming back to hang out …I started late entering and I'm rushing to get to all of them! …
So many giveaways - so little time! :)

Twisted Hare said...

Oooo purrrty, please add me too.
Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Cool pendant. Nice alternative if one hasn't been to Paris :-)

mandapanda said...

Wow, what a beautiful giveaway, and a great blog to match! Please enter my name into the hat!
Manda. http://kraftypanda.blogspot.com

Jendy said...

Please enter me in your drawing. And if you haven't yet, it's not too late to stop by and enter mine.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Vintage Soul said...

Love the combination of ribbon and eiffel tower charm. I will visit again. Please add me to your giveaway list.
deb2604(at) comcast.net


Anonymous said...

What a cool pendant! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Mary Ellen said...

"the" tower......would love to wear it.

Nelsby said...

I just love the philosophy of the OWOH event. Thanks so much for YOUR generous giveaway...your work is SO unique! I would be SO thrilled to win!
awaerhouse at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Please add me to your drawing, if I win it would be a great birthday gift!

Enzie Shahmiri said...

What a beautiful gift! Please visit my blogs for the different One World One Heart giveaways I am offering.

Melinda Cornish said...

I have an apron that this would match perfectly...even without the apron I love it! Please include me and come visit sometime! http://melindasfabricfancies.blogspot.com

KitKnitty said...

So pretty! Thanks for the contest!

Steph said...

Your pendant is beautiful!!!
Love your blog!
thanks for joining OWOH!

KJ said...


Thanks for your generosity and please enter my Giveaway: http://eye-dyllic.blogspot.com/ There's still time...

KJ - California

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