Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Engagement

Many many moons ago when Mr. Vie and I were just dating he presented me a sewing machine. He thought that since I loved clothes it would only be natural that I would be a whiz at conjuring up my own couture confections.

Trouble was I had not sewn since I was 12. The machine that he bought me wasgifted me with was a top of the line, with all sort of fancy options. I was totally, unabashedly and equivocally intimidated.

Not to mention that for whatever reason I had gotten it in my head that I was getting an engagement ring that Christmas. (Never mind that I had said REPEATEDLY that I did not want nor need a ring. No longer do I play the coquette. Mr. Vie needs to be told things direct and to the point. He is not of the subtle hint variety -- I learned this the hard way) Long story short the machine still languishes unused in my closet.

I have been tempted to pull it out on a number of occasions. But never "sew" much so than now. Look at this, pure inspiration. Grosgrain Fabulous calls it her Lunch Date. (I guess that's what got me to thinking engagement, date --- get it? I know that I am opening up the competition but "sew" be it. She's actually generous enough (or is it nuts enough?) to be giving this beauty away. (I know that my puns are out of control here...sorry.)

PS Not only did I receive an engagement ring but on my recent 12th anniversary he gifted me with a gorgeous anniversary ring. And if I win this blouse I might just have to return the favor and take him on a date.


Jennifer said...

I just entered. How stinkin' cute is that jacket?

Anonymous said...

What a great story, Anita! :) And, yes, that is one cute jacket!

Anonymous said...

oh that blouse is beautiful. I haven't sewn in a long time but I really want to start again soon.