Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow

Chris was robbed.

Maybe Romy or however his name is spelled is more of Nina's darling since he is "fashion" whilst Chris is "costume". However Romy is a one trick pony. Even the black and white dress that Nina was fawning over is a variation of drape. Scassi did it in the 80's and it was knocked off to no end. I think the reason that he got a position in the final show is simply becuase he showed them he could do more than drape. That blue coat is an interesting idea but needs to be completely reworked in an appropriate weight so that someone would wear it. His black gown was Chanel on a bad bad day. The model looked to weigh an extra 50 pounds in it - on her hips...who wants that. (I will hand it to him that the headpieces ROCKED. But I don't think that that is his work.)

Chris had pieces that I think were most fantastic. I would wear them. And the man knows his way around a safety pin. Yes the human hair aspect was off-putting. It would make for great noise in the fashion world. The judges are disappointed when the designers don't take chances, they are disappointed when they do. What's a poor designer to do? The runway, any runway is supposed to be about drama! And Chris handed it out on a silver platter.
Tis a world better than wearing f-u-r, and people wear wigs and extensions made of human hair. Plus in order to be commercial it could have been interpreted with goat or synthetic hair to translate to wearability. Having watched the whole season Chris had not impressed me. But his final showing was epic. Loved it! (even the viewer poll said it) (Does anyone remember Gaultier's first show for Hermes with the horse tails?)

Anyway - Christian or Juliann are going to be the winners so this conversation is mute. What are your thoughts? Did you want Chris or Romy in the final show? Who do you want to see win it all?

(photos courtesy of BravoTV)


Kim in Carlsbad said...

Hi Anita

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Now I have stopped by for a visit here and see that you've been watching project runway. Yeah!! I love that show! (Ok sometimes I fall asleep - but I love it) And I was totally surprised to see that I loved the human hair creations as much as I did. I thought they were rough when on the hanger - but on the models - they were great. Especially the top picture you posted. I agree with you about Romny - it's been done. Ok - fun we will have to chat about this!

Jerusalem said...

I really thought they would go for Chris b/c he is so different and Romey is so blah. Oh well, here's hoping Christian wins and gives Chris a job!

Suzanne said...

Darn, I didn't get to watch because we were out of the country. I must be more aware the next time I book a vacation.

I love Chris and even though he didn't win that battle with Romie, some fashion house will certainly snap him up.

It's going to be interesting to see who pulls it off. Probably Christian, he's a talent, but Jillian is a quieter and more commercial talent.