Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Am My Mama's Daughter

Today I found a fantastic new magazine, Boho. On their website I found this. I guess I am a Bohemian --- and proud of it.

I have been suffering from writer's block. After making my pledge that I was going to be happy no matter what --- well society as we knew it started to crumble and I started to watch the news and worry.

My mama was a world class olympic triathalon of a worrier. It's a shame that worriers don't get to have an actual event - she would have brought home the gold.

As all good daughters do I attempt to rebel. I have tried to rebel against this prediliction for ages. Sometimes more successfully than others. My mom has been gone a few years. Sometimes now I remember some of her momisms and have to laugh out loud.

I grew up in the seventies a well protected, private school girl who loved her rock and roll. Along with this was a love of long haired musicians. I must have been about 13 when I hung a bunch of their posters in my room. My mom saw this and took the posters down claiming "She was not about to raise a bohemian". I didn't even know what that meant - but it sounded right up my alley.

Later through the years when she went to describe me she would call me a bohemian. (Mom was a dyed in the wool Liz Claiborne seperates kind of gal). I think she said it with pride and perhaps a little envy.


Marie Antionette said...

We all become our mamas daughter,to the horror of my own daughter she is becoming me in alot more ways than she knows.Oh well,things could be worst for yall.LOL.Hop yourself on over to my blog and join my very first contest.Its real eay ,no work involved.Hugs Marie Antionette

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Sandra Evertson said...

Great post!
I have found it's better not to watch the news at all!
Sending you Seasons Greetings and Holiday Cheers!
Sandra Evertson