Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This afternoon my husband and I were taking care of some business matters. As we sat in the lobby of that prestigious office waiting for our appointment I overheard a conversation that made me want to weep.

It was so simple and so pure. I think that the reason it touched me so was the source was so unexpected and seemed so unflappable. Here stood a very buttoned up, polished, seemingly powerful business man in a conference room surrounded by an amazing panoramic view and leather tufted furnishings. I can only assume that he was talking to one of his clients as he said to the caller "Be kind to each other. We are all hurting now".

I truly believe that we will all come out of our country's issues stronger and more humble. As a society we need to take from what is happening, learn from our collective mistakes and come out the other side.

I also ask you if you have moved in the last four years to make sure that your voter's registration is up to date, immediately, as deadlines in most states are coming up very soon. Take the time to learn the issues at hand and truly reflect on who you think will best represent our country going forward. Remember that if you don't vote it's like giving your vote to your opponent.



How sweet and thoughful.

Steph said...

I love this post. Thank you for your voice, your passion and the courage to share.

Paris Atelier said...

Hello! Thank youfor leaving such a sweet comment on my blog & more importantly Thank You for this beautiful entry in yours! In a time when things are so tough & stressful it's so easy to get moody & snappy (much as I have been lately)! It's nice to step back & just be kind. Thank you, you have truly inspired my day!
Lots of well wishes to you today!
Paris Atelier~

Dori said...

Anita, what a wonderful post....truly. There is such a need today for simple, honest kindness. And a need for each to speak their mind, in a kind and thoughtful fashion. Such a time it is.