Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eiffel Tower Microscope Slides

I have always been inspired by collagists (if that's a word?) And so I decided to come out with a range of my own about 30 designs with France, Asia and Flappers as major influences. I have been having a lot of fun designing my own images and creating my slides which I call "slivers" and will be loading them on Etsy later this weekend. I think these things are a lot of fun. Used different images on the front and back so that they are completely reversible. (I hate wearing a necklace that when it flips doesn't have anything to show for itself! This one has a bunch of pearls and rhinestones. I wear mine around my neck, but it would be fun as a fan pull, or hanging from your rearview mirror, around an old bottle or vase or as an gift wrap embellishment. I love wrapping a present with a present. Imagine a bouquet of flowers wrapped in pretty tissue and tied together with a sliver. I offer my first one here. Very interested to know what you think.
It's funny because I have never considered myself artsy...creative yes but not an artist. But I now have a ton scrap and think that I am ready to take on a bigger project. My biggest issue was coming up with an idea and now I have broken the ice and am teeming with things I want to make.


Tara R. said...

I'm hopping over here from SITS... love all of your beautiful chaotique merchandise. The Eiffel Tower slides are gorgeous. Good luck with this new venture.

Karol said...

Visiting from SITS! I LOVE those striped candles! They're gorgeous! That tile mirror is amazing! Good luck with your new enterprise! Hope it soars!

sassy stephanie said...

I love your boutique! SITS sent me over.

I love the bread tray you offer. Classic, simple design and so functional.

I am also an Etsy lover!

Deanna said...

Good morning from SITS! Just browsed through all of your products. LOVE, LOVE the wish tickets, but I am such a sucker for baskets and pillows. Of course, candles are all over my house. Can I just say I love everything?

4 under 4 said...

Here from SITS, love all your stuff, especially the soaps and candles! I will be back for sure!!!