Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Latest Obsession

In the spirit of procrastination, I have decided I need to redo our powder room. In light of this epiphany I feel compelled to drop the 101 things I should be doing. Most important of all is restocking our web shop with spring goodness which I have been promising myself and you for days now.

It all began innnocently enough as many of these things do: the siren's call of an Anthropologie catalog.
When I see something I love I obsess about it until I make it mine. Sometimes I wait too long and never acquire the item and it haunts, no better said tortures me, for years later. (Like the carved mahogany picture frame in Printemps, Paris 2001. But I digress...)
I have coveted this gorgeous stuff for weeks now. Truth be told, it seems like lifetimes. And it was on sale! (Wallpaper is not enough of a word to describe this luciousness.)
Needless to say me being moi, I could not resist this illicit seduction. I even love the catalog description: "Step back in time with Felix Spicer's hand printed wallpaper, filled with romantic silhouettes found in a 19th century French pattern book of hair adornments." The designer calls his chocolate brown and magenta: Belle/Blush
This is Felix Spicer's first textile creation. An upholsterer by trade, I reckon he is someone to watch out for.

Now I just need the patience necessary for the postman to come. Next I need to figure out how to hang the stuff. Now, what about towels. And don't worry Vie Chaotique is going to have it's spring wares any day now.

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Gypsy at Heart said...

Peinetas! How lovely. I'd go for it too if I didn't know myself well enough to admit that I will NEVER hang wall paper. It is beautiful though. Take photos of the finished powder room. I want to see.