Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Good and Gracious Host

At this time of year our thoughts undoubtedly turn to family and friends. If you are fortunate enough to be hosting overnight guests may I suggest these grace notes to create the perfect oasis. Offering your guest the lap of luxury needn't be expensive, it just requires a little thoughtfulness.

You should make sure to plan some events but not too action packed an agenda that will frazzle them and yourself. Give them the luxury of time to roam alone or take an afternoon nap.

Guestroom Checklist

Offer sufficient drawer and closet space to unpack. Having a place for everything will instantly put your guest at ease.

If possible have a luggage rack available. Bags by their very nature have a host of germs and you wouldn't want your guest to have to place them on your beautiful bed.

Keep neutral sachets such as cedar or lavender to keep the closet smelling fresh. Vie Chaotique carries some nice toile ones made of both. A benefit is they protect against moths.
Use matching hangers-–matching plastic ones are OK if you don’t want to invest in the pricier wooden versions. Be sure to include range: padded for knits,pant and skirt hangers.

A comfortable chair and ottoman. Dressing table/desk adds comfort if space allows.

A good reading light, and a single spectacular fresh flower in a bud vase next to the bed.

That necessary evil: the alarm clock.

A small CD player

A spare house key.

A light scented candle, see http://www.viechaotique.com/ for a wonderful selection from Durance.

Accouterments & Amenities

Fine stationery and pre stamped local post cards are a lovely touch. Why not have some fun and create your own with photos of your home.

A city guide and map encourage your guest to amble as they please.

Current bestseller and recent magazines.

Notepad and nice pens next to the phone

A basket of fresh fruit

A covered dish with pretty cookies

Mixed nuts

Either Bottled water or a carafe with a cup on top is a must.

A one cup coffer maker with pods, sweetener and shelf stable creamer.

If you can splurge on a mini fridge then stock with glasses and a corkscrew. Add some mini bottles of red and white wines, sodas and bottles of fizzy and flat water.

On The Bed

Start with a good quality mattress

Use only 100 percent cotton sheets.

Iron your cases and the fold-over hem.

A selection of good pillows is most important. Have available soft, regular and hard, as well as non-allergenic.

Extra blankets.

In the Bath

Fresh soap. Either save hotel soaps from your own jaunts or buy small guest soaps and toss them after each visit. Or checkwww.viechaotique.com for Le Peres cologne scented soap flakes which also is not only heaven for your hands but also for your delicate lingerie.

Keep extra toiletries on hand for forgotten items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, Advil, aspirin, band aids, emery board, disposable razors, lotion, small scissors and sewing kit, shampoo and conditioner, and a mini hairdryer.

Check shower curtain liners and ensure that they are fresh.

Plenty of towels.

Place a pretty glass next to the sink.

A fluffy white unisex robe and slippers.


Missy Sue Hanson said...

I would consider myself a horrible hostess, but come to think of it, I've never really had the chance to be one! Maybe lucky me??? lol...these are great pointers, though, I never would've thought of half of it! Thanks for sharing!

Tirzah said...

Thanks for the wonderful tips on making a guest feel welcome and cozy :)