Friday, October 12, 2007

I Can't Cope With Taupe

While strolling through the net I found this interesting kitchen which reminded me of a story...
One of the first designers that I first came to admire is Alexandra Stoddard. She gave a lecture at the DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas in Florida) probably about 10 years ago. Her lecture was on the color chartreuse, how she can't cope with taupe and how everyone must have some chartreuse in the home. I literally ran to the paint store after the lecture. Problem is I chose to paint the bath. Not flattering to the skin tone especially when you are trying to put your makeup on. And I found out that I am the world's worst painter.
Anyway I have forgiven Mrs. Stoddard - it's not her fault I have bad judgement. She has written dozens of books on beautiful living and the pictures she evokes with her words are very special. If you aren't familiar with her writings, do yourself the favor and open one of her books.
What became of the chartreuse bath - I'll never know, we had to move.


Jerusalem said...

that is so funny! what a great story - and welcome to Blogland - it is a lot of fun here!!

Fairfax said...

When I moved to the UK, one of the only things I kept in storage was my collection of her books. I saw her give a talk in Baltimore years ago, but loved her even before that.